We loved “Little Touch Leap Pad” as it is both educational and fun. I can see that my daughter has improved tremendously on her vocabulary and she even learn to associate words to meaning very well. Thanks to “KLICKaGIFT”, we find there are cheaper alternatives as well with good service reliability. Thank you.

CHUA ANN NIE, Associate Sales Manager, mother to two kids aged 3 and 3 months

My two daughter spent their time playing with their LeapPad Learning System every nite. It make reading and learning fun as it have activities to develop vocabulary, spelling and phonics awareness. They had been asking me to get them more story as they had a really fun time with their LeapPad Console. Best of all is I can spent quality time with both my daughter together.

Essbie Teh, Creative Manager, mother to two kids aged 5 and 7

I came upon KLICKaGIFT when my best friend sent my daughter a birthday gift from KLICKaGIFT, I was so touched with the thought and luv the packaging which is so sweet and remind me of my friend. Thank you klickagift for the sweet memories.

Chia Siew Kim, mother to one 4 years old girl

We just love the sleep slack, it is a safe way to keep my daughter warm thru out the night. My second daughter had been using it since birth and I am definitely going to get her a new size as she outgrow her current sleep slack.

Michelle Lee, Administrator, Mom to two daughter aged 5 years, and 5 months

I wanted something nice yet practical for my good friend who delivered her first newborn recently, and search upon the baby sling. My friend & her baby just luv it as it is useful for her to carry her baby around and comfortable for the baby also.

Jong Li Sun, Product Specialist

I bump into this website while searching thru the net for gift while overseas. I forgotten earlier to get a birthday gift for my nephew and luckily for me, I managed to send a gift for my beloved nephew on time thru KLICKaGIFT. Such a wonderful surprise to my nephew who was sad that I am unable to attend his birthday party. But the gift say it all…

Mae Tan, Programme Officer, NGOs

I had recently purchase a TELESTORY console for my daughter who stayed with my parents in hometown. She just luv it and insist my mom play it for her everyday. I am able to give her some early exposure to English reading. I strongly recommend this product for anyone who want to expose their children to English story reading.

Maggie, mom to a bubbly & chatty 2 years old

I collected jewellery pieces for fun and stumbled upon KLICKaGIFT while surfing for online jewellery store. It had some fine pieces of handmade jewellery and some pieces is even more exquisite as it is only available in 1 piece only. To date I had made few purchases and returned as a satisfied customer.

Sok Ching, self employed

I had three kids and shopping for educational toys for my children in complexes is quite an experience. Thus, I enjoy shopping online as it allow me more time to browse and make a better decision unlike hasty shopping trip that I usually made with my three children in tow. I had made few purchases from KLICKaGIFT, so far my older child favorite is educational toys from the creative stuff. They spent hours playing Zoob together, creating their various design together. They are happy and I am happy too.

Lai Fun, Purchasing Manager, mom to 3 kids ranging from 6 month to 6 years old

I hate shopping for gift but with KLICKaGIFT, I am able to shop gift online for luv ones anytime I want. I enjoy buying gift for my grandnieces and grandnephews and they certainly enjoy what I bought for them. Thumb up KLICKaGIFT !

Teoh Chin Chuan, retiree, 57 years old

My 8 years old nephew luv the Mind Challenge game that I got for him recently. He can spent hours on the Think Fun/Rush Hour Game at his own pace and his mom is happy as it keep him constructively occupied.

Jasmine Loke, Senior Product Specialist

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